This is a great time to start a business – and a food business in particular.

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It’s All About the Economy

What? Isn’t the economy doing great? Yes, it is – overall. But salaries are still lagging, and hours at work are still increasing, and some of us want to control our own destiny! Starting your own business is the best way to take control of your life, whether you start a gig on the side, or you go all in and make your own full-time job.

Everyone Eats

Everyone eats, but only a few cook meals from scratch anymore. That leaves plenty of opportunity for those food entrepreneurs providing ready-made, convenience, heat-and-serve, pre-cut, and stir-and-mix type products.

Low Barrier to Entry

Because everyone eats, food is a familiar business to most of us, with an easily understood product. Contrast that to a medical research company, or a tech services business, or a financial planning entity – all of which require years of formal education or training. We start our training in the food business shortly after birth – leaving us with lots of experience under our belts (yes, poor pun intended).

The American Heartland

What a great country this is. We grow and manufacture almost any product ingredient needed right here at home; from peaches in Georgia to olive oil in California to wheat in North Dakota to beans and lentils in the inland Northwest. Growing our ingredients here at home allows us many food business options to choose from, all at a reasonable price.

Improved Health

Want to do something to reduce obesity and improve American’s overall health? Start a specialty food business that utilizes wholesome, high-quality, natural and/or organic ingredients and avoids excess salt and saturated fat. We may not cook much anymore, but we still know good food when we taste it and there is always room for more delicious but healthy products in the marketplace.

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