Renee Pottle, Author, Food Writer, Ghostwriter

Are you a food artisan? Food retailer? Food grower? Prospective food entrepreneur? Someone who loves to cook great food?

Here at Pen and Provisions we believe that the pen is as mighty as the fork. When food embraces polished phrasing you attract more customers, sell more product, and reach more people.

Every meal tells a story: A story of the intrepid farmer nurturing his crops. A story of the inspired craftsman and his unique specialty goods. A story of the store owner with the perfectly curated product mix. A story of a creative cook bringing it all together. And a story of the resourceful writer whose prose builds suspense and results in a purchase. Share your story with recipe booklets, business newsletters, lead-generating e-books and provocative articles – written by an industry expert.

Providing Your Food-Related Business with Polished Prose, Creative Content, and Tasteful Text

Hi, I’m Renee Pottle, resident author, food writer, and ghostwriter. I will help you grow your food-related business with new recipes, promotion booklets, e-books, articles, blog posts, training manuals, profiles, web pages, user-friendly cooking and business books, and more.

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Polished Prose, Creative Content, Tasteful Text

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